Tips for Apartment Hunting

Apartment Hunting

If you are looking for an apartment to rent you have to consider some tips. These tips can help you find a good apartment for less in the area that you want. Some of these tips are common sense while others come from seasoned renters.

Use Your Extended Network

You should not restrict yourself to traditional letting agents to find an apartment. Telling your friends and family what you are looking for can yield some great results. Many people find that a friend knows someone who is moving or looking for someone to rent their apartment. This can often lead to cheaper rentals in the area that you want.

Test While Walking Through

When you do a walk-through of a potential apartment you should test certain things like the taps and the shower. There is nothing worse than moving into an apartment only to find that there is zero water pressure. You should also take the time to check your phone reception in every room as you do not want to have to leave the apartment every time you use your phone.

Move During The Winter

Seasoned renters know that it is best to move during the winter because prices are lower. During the summer rental prices generally increase. If you have to move during the summer you should sign a 6-month lease so you can look for a different apartment if you want during the winter.

Think About Car Insurance

Car insurance prices will vary depending on where you live and you should check if your insurance will go up if you move. Your insurance will not always increase when you move, but it could decrease as well. Many renters use their insurance as a means of determining how safe the area is.

Have Realistic Expectations

When you look at apartments you need to set realistic expectations based on your budget. You should not look at a very expensive apartment if you know you cannot afford it because this will make the cheaper apartments look worse than they are. Have a budget in mind before you start looking and stick to it.

Actually Read The Lease

Many people do not take the time to carefully read through their lease. This is important because you could be locking yourself into something that you later regret. If there is legal terminology that you do not understand in the lease, ask for it to be explained or look online for help.

There are many tips that you can use to ensure that you apartment hunting ends well. Using your extended network can land you a great apartment for a fraction of the costs. You should also consider testing parts of the apartment when viewing.

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